My husband and I had heard about Todd from our friends that found him on Thumbtack. We were highly motivated to work with someone who was willing to provide direction. We are both high functioning at work and in our personal lives, but we were lost as to know how to make our marriage life acceptable, if not enjoyable. Beyond giving insight, we were also taught valuable skills and given homework to help us unravel our unique and problematic dynamic that operated so naturally, yet terribly. I can highly and enthusiastically recommend Todd to couples needing help. Work with him! If you are willing to dig in and work hard for a few months, you will get wonderful results.

The additional bonus was that he helped us deal with the kids in a manner that helped them as well. His experience as a marriage and family counselor combined with a coaching approach was just what we needed! Thanks, Todd, for your caring, skill, insight, teaching ability, humor, and firm kindness.


My wife has written a review and I would like to add my praises. We had serious relationship issues and were considering divorce when we reached out for help. In an interview with Todd, he described his experience, methods, and approach. We had not had any luck with various marriage counselors. We liked the way he explained how a coaching approach is different from a counseling one. We really needed some direction.

We worked with him twice a month for 4 months. It was so great that we could learn skills that we could apply at home to communicate better and resolve issues on our own. Although he taught skills, his insight into how our individual issues had both brought us together and polarized us at the same time was remarkable as well. I feel thankful that I have a marriage that feels good again!

Great Relationship Coach!

Todd's experience and way of coaching stands out from others I've seen. He truly cares about his clients and genuinely wants their success to be something that they can continue to use everyday. I've very glad that we found Todd and thankful for his help. Would highly recommend him.


Todd is a stellar relationship coach. He helped us bring our relationship to the next level and equipped us with tools we can use for years to come. I am grateful for all he has done for us. Thanks, Todd!

Lot's of progress!

Todd has a unique style that resonates with us. He is not a passive listener and we appreciate that. We have had beneficial results after only two sessions. I would highly recommend him.

He taught relationship skills

He made it a point to work with us as individuals and as a couple, giving constructive and practical methods we are going to continue to use. Personally, I appreciated how intentionally he took our issues and goals as a couple into account when coaching us.

Best of Both Worlds!

I chose to work with Todd Smith for many reasons. His free interview is a nice touch and shows an ethical commitment to allowing potential clients to meet him and interview him before spending money. It is also a nice touch that his fee is reasonable! I sought relationship coaching with my wife after working with a counselor that was a good listener but offered very little direction. So we decided to try the coaching approach. Todd offers the best of both worlds - having the knowledge, insight, and background of an experienced counselor and the skill to motivate, teach, and promote change of a life coach. We feel so fortunate to have found him and highly recommend him to those who are highly motivated to do the challenging work of change and growth!

George S. on February 19, 20

Excellent executive coaching and consultation

Todd helped Taos (NM) Orthopaedic Institute and me during our formative years, to improve staff communications and relations with business associates. Todd listens carefully, shares insight based on knowledge and experience, and sees the big picture with regard to opportunities and solutions when helping to analyze difficult relationships or situations.

James L. on February 22, 2017

My experience with Todd Smith ...

About my experience in dealing with Todd Smith ... after having had a successful career as a healthcare administrator and entrepreneur which enabled me to retire at the age of 52, I decided at the age of 65 that is was time for me to "give back" to society and do something constructive. So, I got a job as a school bus driver for the Eden Prairie, MN school system. I love young kids and felt this opportunity would enable me to help young people grow in maturity.
After only a few months on the job, I quickly realized that I was failing miserably in dealing with the kids. As a father of three children and six grandkids, I thought I had all the requisite skills and experience to be a good influence on the kids on my bus.
I was confused and almost heartbroken to realize that I could not successfully drive the kids back and forth to school while at the same time helping them mature. In truth, many of the kids on my bus were out of control and doing things that were actually counter productive to their growth in maturity.
I thought seriously about going back into retirement. I was very close to quitting one day feeling like a total failure when Todd Smith got permission from management to ride along on my bus and help me learn some better skills for managing the children. The kids were misbehaving on my bus. I needed to earn their respect. My goal was to learn some techniques to better control their behavior. Todd coached me in many techniques including positive reinforcement, caring interactions, and the use of logical consequences. I needed to have better boundaries and not let the kids walk all over me - but to do it in a kind way. Todd was very kind to the kids which made me happy but also very direct in this approach ... giving me concrete instructions and homework. It was like a workshop in good parenting skills. As a result, I was able to keep my job and develop a satisfying relationship with the kids on my bus. Todd is a magnificent teacher. His guidance for me, even at the age of 65, was life changing. I can highly recommend Todd to help you achieve your own goals.

Dan W. on February 25, 2017