Couples Coaching

General Relationship Coaching

Love relationships, by nature, are inherently rewarding and difficult.  Their dynamics are complex, unique, and sometimes frustrating.  My counseling style can help you understand how you came to be, whereas, my coaching style - promoting the hard work - can help you get where you want to be.  Arguably, my approach offers the best of both worlds - counseling and coaching. Highly motivated couples benefit greatly from this approach, often with great results in the sort term.  I can help with communication, conflict resolution, problem solving skills, addiction, codependency, sexual issues, infidelity, family of origin issues, and couples enrichment.  I would be happy to help you and your partner have a better relationship.

  1. My husband and I developed some new and effective skills in deepening our marriage relationship while working with Todd. Having had other counselors in the past, working with Todd Smith was very helpful because of his insight and his coaching style. We both appreciate the results we got. (And in a relatively short time - 5 sessions.)
    Jan B

  2. How to trust a stranger with precious cargo of a personal relationship? We had been married for 50+ years and wanted more in our relationship than it had become, turning pretty good most of the time to a lot better. We opted for a coaching style of assistance with some years of experience. In Todd Smith we got professionalism, insight, personal connection, effective communication and most of all, RESULTS. Each time we met we came away with new tools and hope for a better relationship. (You don’t have to be broken to improve. ) The experience with Todd is worth the time and money.
    Jim B

Cross Cultural Couples Coaching

Is your relationship challenged by cultural differences?  There are many levels of culture that relate to couples coaching.  On the first layer,  there are individual differences that have to be taken into consideration.  Additionally, each family has its unique culture that differs from that of another family. There are regional, national, and continental differences.  There are racial, religious, socioeconomic differences.  When couples fall in love and form relationships, these differences come into play on so many levels - finance, parenting, food, commitment, lifestyle, sex, gender roles, and values to mention a few.  Depending on the couple's approach, these differences can be highly stimulating and rewarding or highly problematic.  Let me help!